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Neck pain in Sacramento CA can be tougher to deal with than other kinds of pain. Why? Because everyday tasks and even simple movements become agonizingly difficult. On top of that, neck problems can lead to severe head and upper body pain, and even muscle degeneration and weakness over time because of regular immobility! But it’s not as if you’re able to get up and run around when you’re in all that pain. Neck pain can be a real vicious cycle.

Neck pain can have a devastating effect on your quality of life. It's important to seek out the cause and get treatment fast, so you don't prolong an already painful situation for months or even years. The following article looks at what causes neck discomfort in order to guide you in your options for eliminating neck pain-- including learning more about Sacramento CA chiropractic care.

Neck Pain Treatment In Sacramento CA

The neck is a small area of the body, but it has some complicated structures that do an important job. (It holds your head up, for one!) The size of your neck and its mobility gives it the potential for pain if something gets knocked out of alignment. Everyday things you do can cause a lot of discomfort in this area, including:

  • Getting whiplash, such as in a car accident
  • Having bad sleeping posture
  • Doing repetitive activities that cause a lot of stress to the area
  • Having an out-of-alignment bone structure
  • Having joint problems
  • Straining, straining, or pulling your muscles

When your neck has problems or begins to spasm, it can pull on the spine and cause misalignment. Issues that start here can affect other parts of your body as well because each nerve stem has its root in your neck and spinal area!

People with chronic back and neck pain might try to manage it themselves, without getting any professional help. But the pain most likely won’t go away on its own. Or it might go away and come back. It could even get a lot worse. Pain medications might treat your symptoms but if you leave the cause of your discomfort untreated it could cause a lot of damage over time. If you wait long enough, you may be faced with no other choice than to get surgery. Mild, non-invasive chiropractic adjustments sound a lot more preferable as a treatment, don’t they?

Conventional Vs. Holistic Treatments

Neck pain can be both uncomfortable and hard to live with. The physical toll of neck discomfort on people's day-to-day lives can be substantial. Some may take medication to deal with the pain, or try over-the-counter medicines that may or may not help in the short term; others might try massage therapy as an alternative treatment for muscle tightness in their neck. If what’s ailing you is rooted deeper than just your muscles, then you may have to turn to a chiropractic exam. The problem could actually be rooted in your spine.

Cool Chiropractic in Sacramento CA is ready to help you with a personalized plan that will target the true cause of your neck pain. If the damage is structural, bone-related, or spine-related, our team will locate the problem and begin your care plan as soon as possible. Call us today to begin your journey to relief!


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